These Are The 7 Best iPhone Photography Tricks For The Budding Photographers

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Photography is an expensive hobby and once you get bitten by the bug it is hard to stop. However, things have taken a major u-turn with the invention of the new smartphones. Apart from the killer camera quality, one thing that has beefed up the response of buyers is the affordability and storage options.

Apple iPhone is a numero uno leader in the range of smartphones today and hands down boast of great camera quality. So, if you want to step up the snapshot game from amateur to Ansel Adams, here are some of the important tricks that will help you in your course.

7 iPhone Photography Tricks For The Budding Photographers

The Apple iPhone camera is capable of taking astonishing photos. But to really make your snaps shine and look amazing, we have pointed out the pro-stuff which can be inculcated in your future photography tricks.

  1. Use Filters: Filters are one of the common special effects present in all iPhones, but that doesn’t mean the effect is baked into the shot automatically. Normally when we take a snap, what iPhone does is save an unfiltered version of the photo. To tweak the saved shot users can tap edit and change filter by altering the light, color, black and white controls.
  2. Make use of HDR shots: This feature is applicable to all iPhones irrespective of the model. To make photos look extremely gorgeous, turn the HDR feature on or take the shots in Auto mode. Users can also find the original shot by venturing inside the phone and camera settings.
  3. Integrate third-party apps for a quick shot: Apple has opened up a bunch of third party controls which include shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposure to let you snap a photo with much clarity. Though shortcut buttons cannot be assigned to third-party applications, users can still save them in the dock to make it easily accessible from the home screen.
  4. Inculcate the use of target shooting mode: Apple iPhones’ default camera has a stream of shooting modes for the users. These include panorama, square, and photo. For better quality photos, users can make use of these above-mentioned shooting modes which will help in framing a better picture.
  5. Use burst mode for action shots: If you are planning to shoot your kids while playing, then it is better to opt for burst mode. Apple iPhone has included burst mode to capture clear images of moving objects as the feature helps taking photos in succession.
  6. Self-timer: Another important feature on the iPhone is a self-timer. Any user can take advantage of the same by pressing the shutter for 10-second and running back into the shot. To make use of this feature for a better result, it is always a viable option to prop up the iPhone on a tripod stand for more control.
  7. Lock focus through the viewfinder: For everyone trying to attempt for macro photography, it is incredibly useful to lock the focus point on the current object. iPhone users can do this by tapping or holding the object in question until you see AE/AF lock alert. After successfully locking the object you can either go forward with the snap or tap anywhere else on the frame to unlock.

Well, these are some of the important features that assist you in snapping off some cool selfies or media-friendly photos. So next time you are aiming for that perfect capture, integrate these tricks in your iPhoneography, get the desired shot in an instant, and always remember the more you shoot, the better you become.

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