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If you are bored staying in your home due to Covid-19 restrictions you may find it interesting to take your car or bike and start small trips within the frontiers of your country. Of course, you must always follow the social distancing guidelines and all the instructions issued by each government. In the countries below, you can find plenty of beauty in different routes and spend some relaxing hours with your partner or your family. Let’s hope that it won’t be long before we can travel again all around the world.

  1. Japan
    Japan is trying to boost domestic tourism. The country is estimated to open its frontiers to international tourists in spring 2021. Also, the Tokyo Olympics will take place in July. There are a lot of interesting routes along with Japan that can be explored on foot. People interested can take the ancient Nakasendo Trail through the central mountains of Japan. Another option is walking the Kumano Kodo or Shikoku Pilgrim Trails, going from temple to temple, and enjoying the stunning scenery. It is a good opportunity for someone to see what life was like in times gone by.

  2. USA
    Nowadays, RV rentals have risen in popularity offering the opportunity to travel to destinations you desire without being exposed to or surrounded by many people. USA offers a great opportunity to explore it through RV routes. There are quite a lot of options. For example, people interested can drive to Colorado National Monument surrounded by red rock and canyons. Or travelers can try a trip to the vineyards of Napa Valley. Furthermore, if you truly want to keep strictly social distancing measures you can visit the mountains, deserts, and dunes of Texas’ Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Many families in the US as the festive season approaches are thinking seriously of renting an RV and exploring the hidden gems domestically.

  3. Italy
    In the post-Covid-19 era, some remote villages in the country became really popular attracting a lot of visitors. These villages are the best place for someone to have some peace and quiet. Italy has almost 5,800 small villages. Of course, a large number of them have been abandoned. These villages offer great opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, or cycling. Very interesting is the expanded cycle route connecting 240 kilometers of Tuscan villages giving the opportunity to visitors to explore a whole region. Recently, the Italian government-funded with 30 million euros historic centers and many villages in order to attract domestic and international tourists.

  4. France
    France is the ideal place for bicycle enthusiasts. People interested to spend some relaxing days in France during the Christmas holidays or any other period of time can choose between some of the world’s most beautiful bike routes. The most popular option is exploring the dramatic mountains of the Pyrenees, the historic chateaus of the Loire Valley, or the open fields of Provence. Nowadays, France is under a second national lockdown, so if you are a bike enthusiast you better arrange your stay at the country in the spring of 2021.

  5. Scotland
    Scotland’s nature is the best place for socially distanced getaways. If you like driving you can choose some of the country’s most remote routes. One option is the Isle of Skye and its surrounding. Furthermore, another place worth visiting is the Highlands’ Knoydart peninsula. Knoydart is also referred to as “Britain’s last wilderness”. It is only accessible by boat, or by a 26 kilometers walk through rough country. The area attracts hill walkers, mountaineers, sailors, and wildlife enthusiasts.

  6. Singapore
    What about sailing in Singapore? If you want a socially distanced excursion you can hire a private boat and have fun in the open sea avoiding the crowds. The rent for a conventional boat or a luxury one varies depending on the benefits. In summer, Singapore launched a 32 million dollar tourism campaign providing incentives to residents to start traveling domestically. If you just want to have some walking then choose the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a 161-year-old tropical garden, and Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The government in Singapore did a great effort in recent years in order to preserve the country’s parks, natural surroundings, and wildlife.


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