Languages that dominate the business world


The language someone speaks is many times the critical determinator to his whole career. All professions associated with languages, such as lawyers, actors, and psychologists, may be rejected or create difficulty in developing an international career. Business people also tend to suffer from a lack of knowledge in specific languages many times, losing the spontaneous approach that the understanding of a foreign language can give you.

This is why we highly recommend people to go out there and learn the language that will probably save them hours of effort and translation when they want to do business. Especially for young parents who grow their babies, we suggest hiring a babysitter whose mother tongue is not the native language of the parents. Therefore the baby can learn in the easiest way and almost automatically more than one language without even trying. But we are the languages that will dominate the business world within the next 30 years?

  1. English
    It would be a lie if we didn’t say English is probably the most useful language in the world. Even though it is not the most spoken, it is the most important, and it is common ground for all nationalities. It seems like there is a silent agreement between the people of the globe that when two people speak different languages they will both have to settle for English in order to communicate.

    English basically a mix of Latin and Deutch and became very popular in the business world after England dominated over Spain and France over the world’s conquests. The whole area of India, Australia, Canada, a lot of places in Africa and the United States as we know them today were influenced by English people, and the language became a must.

  2. Spanish
    The countries where people speak Spanish are not rich, but they are many. Spain in Europe, the whole area of Central and Latin America apart from Brazil and a great number of people who live in the States. Taking into account that these places have not been quite developed yet, one can realize that there is a lot to be done in their area and speaking their language would be rather convenient.

    Besides, it is an easy language based on Latin and very easy to learn for people who already speak English, French, and Italian. Not sophisticated as languages spoken in China and Japan, the world’s tech center, but being able to use the language for your company’s development doesn’t sound insignificant. You should probably see your approach to picking a language parallel with the idea of where you want to do business and who you want to cooperate with. Latin America still holds lots of treasures in the tourism industry and agriculture.

  3. Chinese
    Chinese is another popular language for the time being and learning it is not expected to lose its value. The first reason to encourage someone to learn or teach their child this language is that many people speak it. You see, China is a big country and it is also overcrowded. This increases the number of people who speak it already.

    Besides, China makes up a super-power, and it would be wise not to underestimate all the aspects of their culture, including their language. Another reason is that despite the fact that they have a growing economy, they prefer to do business with people who speak their own language. Honestly, try to buy wholesale one of their products. They will make a different offer if you email them in their language instead of English!

  4. Arabic
    Another widely spoken language is Arabic. It is mostly spoken in the Middle East, and we many times tend to forget how important this is. All the petroleum sources and some of the world’s richest countries are there. The area is dominated by Muslims, except Jewish who live in Israel and speak Hebrew.

    Generally, they are open to doing business with people from other countries. They are not so touchy, like the Chinese, and they will not make your life hard if you don’t speak their language. This is because their industry is not associated with small retailers. When you want to make huge deals about the planet’s energy sources, you are usually less stubborn.

Written by Anna Siampani.

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