How to Cope With Student Life in Israel? 6 Ways to go about it

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It is quite likely you are already in Israel or planning to go to Israel that you are reading this article. Or, it could be curiosity. You have, anyway, come to the right place because you will find some really useful information. Of course, what I am going to enumerate in this article is not exhaustive, but it will help you tons if you pay attention. The title must have made it clear what we are going to talk about, but let us also address the whys.

Israel is a popular country in inarguably one of the most tumultuous regions on this planet. Unlike many countries in the region, Israel is quite safe, developed, and powerful. Despite its young origins, it has managed to place itself at the helm of myriad affairs—one of them being higher education. Every year, it witnesses an influx of a sizeable student population, and it is for those students and who’d eventually go this article has been written down. It is not easy being a student in an alien environment so we need some basic knowledge to survive.

Today, we are going to identify those things which can help you cope with student life in Israel.

  1. Not Knowing Hebrew Won’t Kill You
    Linguistic issues are quite common among international students in any country. In most countries where English is not a native language, students can find it difficult to connect or engage in effective academic experiences. However, in Israel, things are pretty much flexible. Nearly all Israelis know and speak English, and universities usually offer courses instructed in English. So, you don’t have to worry about not knowing Hebrew because you can get by without it. That being said, you might not be able to understand the little details about the country, its culture, and lifestyle without understanding the local language. Your life as an international student is not just about getting a degree; it is also about learning the ways of the new world you have become a part of.
  2. You are up for quality competition
    Don’t be apprehensive about the quality of education you will be receiving. Several indices regard Israel as the second most educated country in the world. Not only that, its universities stand shoulder to shoulder with those in the West. Universities such as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Haifa, and Tel Aviv University are among the high-grade universities in the region and the world. Considering all of this, you should brace yourself for competition, but such competition should be taken constructively because you will be learning with some of the best minds to find.
  3. You won’t die paying your bills
    It is rare to find a combination of affordable lifestyles and high standards of living in countries. The better the lifestyle, the more you will end up paying. However, whether we are talking about the universities or the cost of living, Israel offers a sign of relief. You don’t have to be resourceful to come here for education. Tuition fees do not go through the roof, scholarship opportunities are plenty, food is cheap and good, and public transportation is all over the place. You are getting a deal: good education without hurting your back.
  4. You will be safe here
    Staying all alone in a foreign country can be a source of nightmares. It takes a while to get used to the new environment, and everyday anxieties can really hurt your morale. However, rest assured that Israel will offer you a safe and secured environment. Despite all the chaos it shares with its neighbors, the domestic life is stable, protected, and organized. Of course, you should always be mentally prepared for emergencies, and petty crimes do happen just like in every other country. But, overall, you need not worry about risking your body and property here.
  5. Be respectful to the local culture
    Israel has a history, and that history is sensitive, diverse, and incredible. Just like you would expect foreigners to respect your culture, you should be mindful of the Israeli culture. Try to learn about it from the point of view of the locals, participate in local events, engage in discussions, and socialize with people. However, do not patronize them or show that you know better than them. You might be the most talented student in the university but that does not entitle you to make reckless comments on a culture you were never a part of.

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